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Corporate and Sustainable Development Environment, concrete action plans for the Region’s stakeholders

In the areas of Corporate Environment and Sustainable Development, OTECI has expertise in environmental risk analysis

Environmental Risk Analysis for Companies

Environmental risk training: develop and roll out an environmental risk analysis method.

A world leader in industrial vehicles in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region asked OTECI and one of its experts to help develop and roll out an environmental risk analysis method.

The garages of industrial vehicles are effectively concerned because all are facing a large number of chemical products and waste. The OTECI volunteer expert brought a comprehensive work method which gave confidence to the team, as a result of a real pilot garage. The initially nervous impression of the garage teams quickly turned out into real confidence and serenity when the appropriation took place. The approach was pragmatic and operational.

The management achieved its goal of sharing this environmental risk better by all employees.


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