Expenditure analysis and optimisation

We check with you all your expenses:

  • – Traditional purchasing expenses (components, packaging, raw materials…)
  • – Shipping  expenses (purchased goods transportation and distribution to customers)- Operating expenses (energy, marketing, intellectual services…)- Investment purchases, maintenance costs- Miscellaneous and consumable supplies

    – Travel expenses

We carry out an audit of all your expenses and we decide the priorities together:

  • – Search for new suppliers through a full purchase marketing study by category
  • –  Launching of the tender process-  Review of purchase contracts (contract duration, guarantee clauses , payment conditions…)

We advise you in the field of new technologies  (purchasing tools digitalisation),

We help you with the training of your Purchasing Department staff,

We set up a simple reporting system (defining targets for gains, monthly results…).


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Our expert Francis Brevignon

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