The Role of Human Resources for SME’s and Start-ups’

Driving the company’s first wealth: Human Resources

  • Setting up a successful managerial and social policy,

  • Managing personnel: collective status (agreements, social engineering) and individual status (employment contract, payroll, …)
  • Recruiting new employees: analysis of the need / description of positions to be filled, organize the search: use of job boards, social networks, …
  • Evaluating and developing skills of employees: planning the management of employment and skills, setting up of an associated toolbox:
  • Dashboard of workforce management in line with needs,
  • People review,
  • Annual assessments of employees
  • Training plans, skills assessment, coaching,
  • Manage social relations
  • Manage conflicts
  • Improve the motivation and involvement of all, communication,
  • Improve the safety and working conditions of employees.

Being successful in the above areas helps teams to move forward and everyone to achieve their potential to become a committed player of the company.

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