Helping SME’s and start-ups in their draft Strategic Plans / Organization


The strategic plan proposed by OTECI Auvergne Rhône-Alpes combines several types of expertise.

In the start-up Trophy of Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes: LACTIPS in the spotlight!

OTECI Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is very happy to congratulate LACTIPS, the big winner of the evening, winning both the “Greentech” category prize and the public’s “Coup de Coeur”!

12 companies came to defend their colours during the evening of the 1st Start-up Trophies organized at the Lyon-Confluence Regional Hotel. See more

The OTECI Volunteer Experts are proud of this result and have been contributing for 2 years to the development and success of LACTIPS

Congratulations to Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff CEO, to Jean-Antoine Rochette who brilliantly represented his company and to all the LACTIPS team!

OTECI Volunteer Experts working at LACTIPS:

In the Pitch Project, how can annual objectives be presented in the form of an “Escalator Pitch”?

The director of a region, (of a multinational major company in the field of energy), wanted to help his business managers to be more concise and quicker in presenting their budget presentations.

He selected OTECI for the profile of his highly-rated “business” experts and their capacities to  share their experience that characterizes the association.

To this end, 2 OTECI members with their long experience in similar environments, created an up-to-date animation of a “Pitch Project” from scratch with the convincing tools.

“The work provided was on target! “I really appreciated the quality and nature of our exchanges”. These were the few words of the manager.

Confirmation of the interest of OTECI for VSE’s and SME’s, but also for its ability to intervene in large groups.

Congratulations to Hervé and Gérard

Business Plan

Coaching creators of an activity in their project by helping them to organise their Business Plans.

Helping them to put up the financial and marketing chapters.

Valuing their project with the reasoning that allows to reply to questions and objections.

Getting ready for meetings with banks, local authorities and administrations.


OTECI Rhône-Alpes commits itself to the management of a company in the « ALLIER » region for its development

The OTECI Auvergne Rhône-Alpes experts are at your service

Located in the « Allier » region, this company has been manufacturing couplings and hoses or couplers of very high technologies, for decades.

Faced to an evolving market, this company called on OTECI to help them in the continuous improvement of their management processes, as well as in the preparation of their strategic plan.

The Managing Director, who took over the management of the company more than two years ago, found the multi-shape expertise of OTECI that she needed to help her gear her company in its development.

OTECI, with its wide range of skills, made several volunteer experts available and took a real pleasure in supporting this dynamic team to make it ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.


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