OTECI and “TEEPY Entrepreneur” are partners for the improvement of the daily lives of SME’s, skilled workers and tradesmen

TEEPY & OTECI partnership

FR3 Rhône-Alpes: interview on Thursday, March 1, 2018 Jean-Emmanuel Roux TEEPY-JOB and testimony of an Expert Volunteer of OTECI …

TEEPY Entrepreneur is a large collaborative and free network of Small Businesses, Skilled Workers, Tradesmen & Very Small Businesses aimed at:

    • Federating
      • Exchanging
      • Sharing know-how
      • Gaining visibility!
      • Developing plans and expanding networks!

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    Small businesses, skilled workers,tradesmen … enjoy the benefits of the OTECI-TeePy partnership

OTECI and its team of volunteer experts, offer TEEPY members audits with suggestions and advice. The partnership is based on a contribution to OTECI expenses of a special “TEEPY member” amount of 200 euros per  day, on one of the following areas of expertise:

  • • Digital business development
    • Business Plans
    • Intellectual property
    • Information Technology
    • Purchasing
    • Human Resources, recruitments
    • Security, Regulation, MASE, …

With our Volunteer Experts you will share your expectations or your plans on a well-defined subject, we will produce a detailed inventory for you with specific proposals and suggestions and advice.

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