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TRAINING, Training list               (M methodology – T technology)

1-M 1-M Process Industrialization for new unit Step from lab studies up to Industrial unit design. Actions and main documents to be establish during the different step. 2,5h
2-M 2 -M Process Actions during  Preliminary Study Description of actions to be done by process engineering  during Preliminary Study 3h
3-M 3-M Ing Sequential Actions during  basic engineering Step Chain of tasks to be done by process engineering for plant definition. 3h
4-M 4- M Schematic Chemical Industry (Block, PFD) Block diagram and Process Flow sheet elaboration,


5-M 5-M Schematic Chemical Industry (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) Piping and Instrumentation Diagram elaboration.

Content, How to read and draw PID.

6-M 6-M Material Balance Sheet Material balance for  continuous or batch unit on a spreadsheet 1,5h
7-T 7-T Heat Exchanger Technology Theoretical Review,  Technology, Tube heat exchanger, Boiler, Evaporator, Condenser, Compact exchanger, Short cut sizing 2 times 3h
8-T 8-T Centrifugal Pump Technology Technology, Pump type, Operation,  Installation, Short cut Sizing 3h
9-T 9-T Volumetric Pump Technology Technology, Pumps types 2h
10-M 10-M Batch Unit Design Task for batch unit definition and design, Time-sequential steps definition. Duration of every step and batch cycle for unit design. Block Diagram.

Process equipment used for batch unit.

11-T 11-T Pipes and Components Technology Pipe, valve, various elements, traps 3h
12-T 12-T Filtration Technology Solid liquid separation, Filter technology. 2h
13-T 13-T Centrifugal filtration Pusher centrifuge, basket centrifuge, Installation 1h
14-T 14-T Utilities Steam Production, Cooling Fluid distribution (Chiller, Air Cooler), Cooling Tower. Compressed Air, Nitrogen,( Sheets 14a, 14b, 14c). 4h
15-T 15-T Vacuum Pump Technology Technology, types of machines, sizing 2h
16-T 16-T Compressor Technology Technology, machine types 2h
17-T 17-T Ejector Technology, Various Use 1h
18-T 18-T Diagram type fitting equipment Presentation of the PID for 30 main equipment with annexes. 5h
19-T 19-T Liquid Gas Separation Technology to vapor–liquid separator vessels to enhance the removal of liquid droplets following  a vapor stream. 1h
20-T 20 – T Crystallization Presentation of continuous industrial crystallizer technology (forced circulation, DTB, Oslo) 1h
21-T 21 -T Distillation Reminder various vapor–liquid equilibrium, Technology distillation columns and internals. 3h
22-T 22-T Ultrafiltration Various Technology presentation 1h
23-M 23-M Functional Specification Functional specifications, Contents, Elaboration 1,5h
24-M 24-M Starting an installation Task to be done to start up new chemical unit. 1,5h
25-M 25-M Investment cost Method, Contents 1,5h
26-T 26-T Thermal fluid Thermal Fluid installation  2h
27-T 27-T Cold Water, Brine Water Production Technology for fresh water  and brine production.  3h
28-T 28-T Air Production Distribution Production, Distribution  2h
29-T T-29 Steam Steam production (29a), distribution (29b), Mollier diagram (29c)  3h