Introduction to industrial company life

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Introduction to company life

1.1 Generalities about companies.  Discovering companies life

1.2 Start your business

1.3. The Business Plan: contents, purpose

1.4. From marketing analysis to strategic plan

The functions in the company

2.1. Purchasing

2.2. Sell company ​​value

2.3. Introduction to marketing and trade

2.4. Engineers and Marketing

2.5. Business to Business marketing

The processes within the company

3.1. Contractual commitments within the company

3.2 Conducting a project

3.3. The supply chain

3.4. Innovation management

3.5. Project management

R & D, HR, communication, ethics

4.1. Discovering R & D department

4.2  Industrial research on a daily basis

4.3. Industrial Property: Patents and Corporate Strategy

4.4. Corporate communication

4.5. Human resources (Role in the management of wage earners on a daily basis )

4.6. Professional ethics of  executives

4.7. Long-term management of skills and careers

4.8. Understanding the employment contract and social relationship in the company

International development

5.1. International Trade and International issues

5.2. Introduction to international business

5.3. Is the company ready for significant development in exportations?

5.4. What kind of commercial network for export business?

5.5. The exclusive distributor

5.6. The commercial subsidiary abroad

5.7. Creating a subsidiary abroad

Quality, Safety, Environment

6.1. Quality insurance

6.2. Safety: a path to excellence

6.3. Safety: benchmarking, awareness

6.4. Environmental management:

Importance of the company’s environmental approach

Design of a management system, in compliance with the 14001 standards

6.5. Quality-Safety-Environment

Sustainable development. Applied  to chemistry

7.1. Sustainable development (reasons, general aspects, awareness, benchmarking)

7.2. Biotechnologies

7.3 Evolution of chemical industry.

7.4. Energy transition in the 21st century

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